Whitetail Deer Hunting

The Hurricane Creek Preserve is a very large and intensely managed, high fenced hunting area containing some of the best whitetails in the world. The best part about hunting with Hurricane Creek is that all hunts are Guaranteed! (See the Rates Page for details.) Hurricane Creek is absolutely a 1st class experience! Hunting at Hurricane Creek is strictly limited and subject to availability. We suggest booking early to reserve your spot.

Hunting Inside Our Preserve

Hunting inside our Preserve is very challenging and exciting! These deer are wild, and they must be hunted hard. We are able to completely control the harvest rate. This results in some very old and very large whitetails with superior genetics. These deer can often times be very illusive and in some cases, very hard to find. You should see deer ranging in age from 6 months to 6 years and you should also see racks of all sizes, including some that top 250 inches! It is not uncommon to see multiple Boone and Crockett racks every time you sit in the stand. This is quality deer management at its best! We let these deer reach full potential before we allow them to be harvested. Don’t worry about shooting the wrong deer.  One-On-One guide service is included when you venture off into the Preserve, and your guide will help you judge your deer in the field and video your hunt so that these great memories will not be forgotten. This is truly a World Class Hunting Experience!

“Doe Only” Hunts

The Preserve Doe Hunt is a great way to stock up your freezers!  We offer an “add on doe” to your hunt, and we also offer a 2 day doe hunt spread over a 3 day period beginning mid January.   This is the perfect way to close your season with some quality deer meat in your freezer and to fellowship with your friends and family and talk about all the tales from the deer season.  Come join the fun as you will receive the same VIP treatment that you get with any Hurricane Creek Hunt!  Alabama State law allows 1 doe per day per hunter. These hunts will be subject to availability.

Guide Service

One-On-One Guide Service is included with your stay at Hurricane Creek Lodge. With One-on-One Guide service, we will sit with you in the stand to help you judge your trophy in the field and video your experience for a lifetime memory.

You will enjoy numerous stands located over food plots and along travel routes in the hardwoods. We recommend hunting the travel routes in the mornings and food plots late afternoon. Our entire staff will do all we can to get you the trophy you’re after and make this a hunt of a lifetime.

Deer hunting is always unpredictable, however we are confident that you will
be pleased with the game you see. After that, it’s all up to you!