Trophy Deer Hunt
3 Days – $4,995

Three day fully guided hunt includes a Trophy Buck up to 150″.
(All hunts require a $2,000 non-refundable Deposit)

Guaranteed Hunt!  No Buck, No Money Due!

If no deer is shot, you will only be out your deposit of $2,000!


Upgrades in the Preserve

For those hunters looking to harvest a BIGGER deer, upgrades are normally available upon request.
Upgrades (above 150″) are totally up to you and your guide will help to ensure that you shoot the right deer for you.

“Optional” Additional Trophy Upgrade Pricing

  (up to 149”) ….…………..Included
(150” to 169”) ……………… $2,000
(170” to 189”) …………..…. $4,000
(190” to 209”) ……………....$6,000
(210” to 249”) ……..….…… $8,000
(250” and above) …………. $10,000


“Add On” Doe Harvest
$750 Each

Take a Doe or Two during your hunt and load the freezer!
(Subject to availability. State hunting laws apply.)


“Doe Only” Hunt
2 Days – $2,995

Take up to 2 does.  We spread the hunt out over 3 days and 2 nights and you are allowed to take a doe a day in Alabama.
Gun or bow.  You receive all the same VIP treatment that comes with ANY Hurricane Creek Hunt!  A great
way to have fun with friends and load the freezer with some quality deer meat from our Preserve!
(Subject to availability. State hunting laws apply.)


**Bring 6 or more hunters on any hunt and your group will have
ALL of the land and the entire Lodge to yourselves! **


Turkey Hunt
2 Days – $1,200

First Tom is included!  A Second Tom is an additional $1,000 if you take one (this is subject to availability)          Guide Service Included.


Quail Hunt Only

Half Day Hunt Only – $295 per hunter (4 person minimum with a 12 bird set per person)

Quail Hunt w/Meal

Half Day Hunt – $595 per hunter (Unlimited Birds!)
Full Day Hunt – $995 per hunter (Unlimited Birds!)

Quail Hunt w/Lodging

Half Day Hunt – $795 per hunter (Unlimited Birds!)
Full Day Hunt – $1,195 per hunter (Unlimited Birds!)

The Ultimate Quail Hunt!
3 Days 2 Nights of Fun!

$1,995 per hunter (Unlimited Quail!)

Pheasants – $40/bird with a 2 bird minimum (Subject to availability)

All Quail Hunts (excluding Half Day Hunt Only) include Warm Up Clays, Meals, Bird Cleaning & Packaging for Transport!


Our Quail hunts require a 2 Hunter minimum with exception of the Half Day Hunt Only package and a 50% non- refundable deposit at booking. Balance to be paid upon arrival. Our Quail hunts run from December – March.