What’s included in a “One-on-
One” Guided Hunt?

ANSWER: With a “One-on-One” hunt, we do everything for you including sitting with you in the stand. Also with “One-on-One” guide service, the guide can help you judge the size of your trophy whitetail before you shoot and they can also help you video the experience. “One-on-One Guide” service is included at no additional charge. Our “One-on-One” Turkey guides are some of the best callers in the South, and they really have the birds patterned. Turkey guides can be shared in a “Two-on-One” situation as well.

Can I expect to see a lot
of quality deer?

ANSWER: Inside the Preserve it is not uncommon to see several very large Boone and Crocket racks every time you sit in the stand. Hurricane Creek Lodge is one of the highest quality preserves in the South. We not only have great quality, but good numbers as well. We strictly limit the number of hunts each year to ensure that you see quality deer and a lot of them.

Do I have to pay a trophy fee?

ANSWER: Yes. Most Lodges charge you the same whether you kill a deer or not. Trophy fees are the best way to ensure that you only pay if you tag the buck you want. If you leave Hurricane Creek without a buck, all you be out is your $2,000 deposit. It really makes more sense, and it is the fairest way to make sure everyone gets what they paid for.

My child has never been hunting, but I’d like to bring him along. Can he or she come?

ANSWER: Hurricane Creek Lodge is the perfect place to pass along your love of hunting to your children. We ask that children with a guide be at least 16 years old. We prefer that children 15 and under remain with an adult during the hunt. You assume all responsibility for children under the age of 21 during the hunt.

My wife is not a hunter. Would she
enjoy this trip?

ANSWER: Certainly! Our lodge is equipped for the non-hunting guest, with a stocked kitchen, satellite TV, and a 6 acre pond. She would also be very comfortable in the over-sized shooting houses should she decide to go out in the field with you. Feel free to bring any non-hunting guest – it’s a relaxing vacation!

I’d like to fly in. Do I have to rent a car?

ANSWER: No. We’re happy to pick you up at one of the area airports that serve this region. See our Directions page for more details.

What should I bring? Will I be able to rent a gun or buy supplies?

ANSWER: We recommend you bring your own weapon. We do have a limited number of high quality firearms (including youth models) at the lodge that will be available in case the need arises. We will also be happy to take you to a local sporting goods superstore for you to purchase anything you need or may have forgotten. We recommend that you bring the following: All hunters should bring warm layered clothes, camouflage, good binoculars, flash light, water proof boots, warm gloves, warm socks and rain gear, two. Deer hunters should bring a rifle or bow, safety belt, rattling horns, grunts, scents and hunter orange (cap or vest). Turkey hunters will need a 12 gauge shotgun, no.4 or no.6 shot turkey loads, full spring camouflage (including hands, head and face), and your favorite turkey calls. (Hurricane Creek will provide decoys and our guides will also have several turkey calls.)  If you choose to fish in our stocked pond please bring your own gear.

How will we hunt? Will we still hunt, stalk or drive deer?

ANSWER: The choice is yours. We want this to be a great experience for you and your guest. We have numerous stands over food plots and in the hardwoods. We recommend still hunting, but we will do what ever it takes to get you the trophy your after and make this a hunt of a lifetime.

What happens after I harvest a deer? Can I keep the venison?

ANSWER: Field dressing your trophy deer is included. We will also quarter your deer for travel in your large cooler. If you prefer, there is a local processor just a few miles away that will package your deer and ship the venison back home for you to enjoy or they can donate it to the local “Feed the Hungry Program”. Processing and shipping will be at your expense.

Harvest Rules: What happens if I shoot the wrong deer or wound a deer?

ANSWER: Inside the Preserve your One-on-One guide will help make sure you shoot the right deer and encourage you take only a very high percentage shot. However, if you wound a deer inside the Preserve you will be charged a Trophy Fee based on the guides estimate. We will do our best to retrieve that deer for you before the end of the season, but we make no guarantees.

Can I Buy Hurricane Creek Souvenirs?

ANSWER: Yes. Our Gift Shop is loaded with numerous items for sale including hats, t-shirts, vest, jackets, golf shirts, long sleeve T’s and various other apparel for men, women and children.